Rachel Sanoff
Updated Sep 08, 2016 @ 3:33 pm
Credit: saintrecords/Instagram

When Solange isn’t killing us softly with her incredible musical prowess as a singer-songwriter, she is running the fashion game — whether she is the face of a new Michael Kors’ campaign or designing this season’s most chic dress by wrapping herself in yarn.

In other words, she is as fabulous as any artist could ever be.

And earlier today, Solange posted a video to Instagram that is somehow effortlessly fierce — yet kind of relatable?

There is our red pantsuit-donning goddess of song, completely ignoring all partygoers while she sings along to Mariah Carey — utilizing a nearby fan as a wind machine for her ~performance aesthetic.~

Solange’s caption reads:

“Mood: The woman in the black shirt who had no time for me singing Mariah Carey songs into a fan at the pahhhty.”

While Solange will forever be cooler than every single one of us, haven’t we all re-created our favorite diva’s music videos with a household fan before?

Credit: The Island Def Jam Music Group

Of course, in the case of Solange, this is a legendary mashup of one diva imitating another divabut still.

Solange and the life-giving fan:

May we also add that we aspire to fully encapsulate Solange’s ~eff the h8rs~ carefree queen attitude in our own lives, and pay no mind to any folks who don’t understand the need to break into Mariah Carey songs in public.