We’ve all had crushes on musicians — especially as teenagers — but it seems almost unbelievable that someone as talented and, frankly, as cool as Solange would have felt the same way. But celebrities apparently really are just like us, and Solange did have a major music crush. Yet, unlike us common folk, the artist made her teenage dream come true in New Orleans on August 2nd because Solange performed with Incubus. And thanks to a letter that was published in Teen Vogue, we know that Solange had a moment in her life when she was totally enamored with Incubus’ lead singer Brandon Boyd.

In May 2017, Teen Vogue published Solange Knowles’ “A Letter to My Teenage Self.” It’s full of amazing advice, but what we’re most concerned with right now is that she wrote, “you will dive head first without looking into phases that you are certain of who you are.” And one of those phases was:

So how amazing is it that Solange got to join Incubus on stage to sing their 2001 song “Aqueous Transmission” off of their album Morning View?

While we’re bummed that we didn’t get to catch this moment live during Incubus’ tour with Jimmy Eat World, we’re thankful that some people in the audience documented it.

Solange herself is feeling the afterglow, too, since she posted on Instagram afterward that she was “still shooketh.”

If her Teen Vogue letter wasn’t enough to have you believe that Solange is truly a big Incubus fan, she tweeted on August 3rd photos of an Incubus poster that made it into her first-ever music video, “Feelin’ You.”

And here’s the video for the 2002 song for further proof:

So while most teenage crushes will go unanswered, Incubus proved by bringing Solange on stage that the feeling of admiration is totally mutual — ’cause of course it is, she’s freakin’ Solange!