Rachel Sanoff
October 06, 2016 2:30 pm
Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Solange’s new album, A Seat at the Table, has floored us all with its moving lyricism, gorgeous melodies, and striking visuals. SPIN calls it exquisite, a “portrait of black pain and healing.”

Just a few minutes on the internet will reveal everyone from fans, to critics, to celebrities expressing their emotional reactions to the powerful album — which also happens to be No. 1 on iTunes. The incomparable Tina Knowles has gushed over her megatalented daughter on Instagram — and Solange dedicated the album to her mother and father, as her upbringing influenced the radical, political lyrics that make the musical work so profound.

Solange released a mini-documentary, coming in at slightly over 11 minutes long, called Beginning Stages — A look into Solange’s songwriting process & jam sessions that shaped ASATT. We are blessed with footage of Solange crafting songs from the album, including “Don’t Touch My Hair,” “Mad,” “Where Do We Go,” and more (she wrote every single song, btw). We get to watch and listen to the jam sessions in Long Island, New Orleans, and Los Angeles where Solange explored different instrumentation and melodies. Many incredible musicians, producers, and collaborators (and her son!) are featured in the doc as well.


Solange included a written statement along with the BTS video, writing, in part:

We are so grateful that we get to experience her art.