Johnni Macke
Updated Feb 16, 2017 @ 1:22 pm
Credit: Lionsgate

If you thought that the main tune (also known as “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme”) in La La Land sounded familiar, you’re not alone. Since the movie came out, people have noticed that the La La Land theme song and a Greek tune sound quite similar.

There is one thing we know for sure, La La Land is magical. This musical is simply stunning, and the music, is just SO good.

That being said, is it totally unique? We think so, but some people have a different take on it.

On Wednesday, a Greek DJ Chris Kaltsas, pointed out on his radio show (which is in greek) that you might’ve actually heard a similar melody before. This is assuming that you listen to Greek music, which is probably not super likely.

It’s a 2013 song by Dimitra Galani, and it’s equally as wonderful as the movie’s main song. In the above video, the DJ compares the two songs back-to-back at the 26 second mark.

While we know that Justin Hurwitz created the epilogue track and well, all of the music specifically for this movie, the DJ isn’t totally off base here.

In fact, when you listen to the two songs alone, and then side by side, you can see where he’s coming from.

It’s the melody that can be argued as coming from the same tune.

We’re pretty confident in saying that the Oscar-nominated film did NOT rip anyone off, but it’s still wild to think about. Seriously, these songs are both beautiful, and they do make us feel like we are in the movie.

Listen to the two songs separately and then together, and let us know what you think! Are they similar? Or, do they sound totally different?