The Drop: Shawn Mendes
Credit: Mark Sullivan/WireImage/Getty Images

Don’t let those abs and cheekbones fool you, Shawn Mendes is a total diva. At least, that’s what this video from the comedy site, Funny or Die, would have you believe. Just take a look for yourself.

So, sure, this is just a comedy video (and really just more good press for the impossibly hunky Canadian singer).

Shawn acts like what you’d expect him to act like, an adorably sweet human being while his super snarky limo driver who misinterprets his nice demeanor and good deeds that you start to wonder what, labeling him an “asshole popstar.”

It’s funny because it’s so wrong. Shawn is notoriously good natured and courteous, so the limo driver accusing him of bad behavior is just silly. Super silly.

In the video, Shawn donates to a homeless man, offers a blind guy a ride, and calls the soup kitchen he works for to say “Happy Wednesday,” but the limo driver is having none of it.

The driver launches in to a tirade that ultimately causes a car accident. The headlines read “Teen Diva, Shawn Mendes Saves Beloved Limo Driver From Car Crash,” and we all chuckle because of irony.

Shawn is a super good sport and isn’t really afraid to laugh at himself.

This Funny or Die video, which in part is poking fun at Shawn, is also lampooning our culture’s tendency believe the worst in people. Good comedy, like this, does a great job at making us reflect about our own nature’s while making us laugh. Well done, Shawn and the FoD crew!