Krista Jensen
Updated February 03, 2017
instagram / @shawnmendes

We won’t lie to you — nothing gives us the same kinds of chills that a good cover song does. The familiar, singable lyrics to a brand new beat and rhythm is like an eerie déjà vu, but not. We love it, and that’s why we are so loving Shawn Mendes covering Chance the Rapper’s “All We Got.” It’s smooth and sultry and the lyrics just pop under this new, moody musical arrangement. What can we say? We’re already a total sucker for anything Chance releases, and Shawn, well, we’ll stop listening when he stops coming out with such hummable, lovable tunes.

Chance the Rapper’s lyrics in Shawn Mendes’ warm, syrupy voice is a match made in musical heaven.

Do you have it on right now in the background? Shawn’s version skips the horns and the big climactic build up that we loved in the original version and keeps it chill. And that fast verse? He kills it! We see a ton on potential in Shawn Mendes’ future, seeing as he can adapt to so many different genres so effortlessly.

Shawn, who announced news of his Illuminate World Tour just last week, leaked details that it’ll be kicking off in March and is set to make it’s way over to the US in the summer. Will this track be on the set list? We’ll have to get our tix ASAP to find out!

If you haven’t checked out the original track, you’re doubly in luck! Here it is performed live for the BBC below:

“Music is all we got, so we might as well give it all we got” Shawn, and Chance, sing. In moments of struggle, whether it be emotional, physical, political, personal — art is the great unifier and healer. Music really is all we got!