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Shakira is a pop-star powerhouse we’ve been obsessed with since her “Whenever, Wherever” days, and we’re absolutely floored because she just released a new single, “Me Enamoré,” that has sighing like preteens at our boy-band posters.

Why? Because the the lyrics of this super-catchy, reggaetón-tinted tune — whose title translates to “I Fell in Love” — are obviously about the Colombian singer’s longtime beau Gerard Piqué, giving a glimpse into how they, you guessed it, fell in love.

And for those non-Spanish-speakers, the lyric video illustrates everything perfectly, with sweet and creative drawings taking the viewer through their romantic story. Spoiler alert: It’s sexy as HALE.

Shakira quietly dropped her new single “Me Enamoré,” which is a super sexy ode to her man.

We learn that their meeting was pretty simple (there were mojitos involved, which…been there). And that Shakira dug his facial hair, which is also something we get.

In English:

One section of the lyrics points to the fact that Shakira is 10 years older than the FC Barcelona star, but tbh, age ain’t nothin’ but a number among consenting adults and we’re like, “Yes, girl, yes.”

At another point, the Grammy winner calls out the couple’s adorable little boys Sasha, 2, and Milan, 4 — and invites her man to continue their familial journey with a verbal wink-wink, over which we swoon (again).

The full lyric video for the song, off of Shakira’s upcoming 11th studio album, is below. Before pressing play, be warned: You might want to change into something more comfortable because you’re going to start dancing and not be able to stop.

We’ll be over here pouring ourselves some wine (or maybe whipping up some mojitos?) and jamming out to this sure-to-be song of the summer.