senela again 2
Credit: Amelie C/YouTube

Selena Gomez only puts on amazing shows, so her show in Montreal was already great. Then it took a turn for the emotional (in the best way possible).

During a recent concert for her “Revival Tour,” Selena was blown away by a project hundreds of her fans had coordinated to surprise her. During her song “Who Says?” (a song about inner beauty, empowerment, and self worth), a large amount of the audience held up signs that said “We Are Worth It.”

The singer was so blown away by the act that she actually had to stop singing to just take in the overwhelming moment (and of course did so in the most adorable way possible). It’s great to see how much this clearly affected her.

Credit: Amelie C/YouTube

Aside from the signs, of course, the crowd was singing their hearts out passionately, another act that clearly touched the singer. She looked in teary awe of how much this song obviously connected with her fans and just took a beautiful moment to take in all the love.

Credit: Amelie C/YouTube

Luckily for all of us, the moment was captured in its entirety by one of the fans in attendance that night.

Appropriately, Selena takes a moment after it all to thank her fans for being so wonderfully supportive throughout her (still young) career. Of course, who wouldn’t want to support an artist so committed to putting out a message of self-love and self worth? Selena is using her fame to help promote a positive self-image for everyone, and it’s clear it’s made a big impact on many of her fans. If you love Selena (and who doesn’t?) the whole video is a must watch.