Kit Steinkellner
August 07, 2016 10:49 am

Actor Scott Eastwood, he of the Clint Eastwood parentage and the cheekbones you could cut yourself on, has been doing the media rounds to promote his summer blockbuster Suicide Squad, in which he plays Lieutenant GQ Edwards, and during this press blitz, he gave the world a fun bit of trivia.

Um, hi.

As Taylor Swift devotees may remember, Eastwood played her love interest in the swoony video for “Wildest Dreams.” However, Eastwood revealed in an interview with PEOPLE Now that his team strongly advised against him taking the role.

“None of my agents wanted me to do it, actually,” he explained. “They said, ‘Oh, we don’t want you to do that! Why would you be Taylor Swift’s boy toy?’ And I said, ‘Why the hell not?'”

Yes, why the hell not indeed? If you look at the list of men who have been called Swift’s “boy toys,” you’ll find yourself in some pretty solid company. Real talk, any list that includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hiddleston, and John Mayer is a pretty solid list in our books. We should all be so lucky!

Well, it all worked out. Eastwood listened to his gut, had a “fantastic experience” making the video. Not that this was a huge secret or anything, Eastwood took to Instagram shortly after the shooting of the vid to thank Tay for her awesomeness.

“What an amazing time working with Taylor Swift. Not only is she a rockstar. But someone I am proud to call a friend. She is a great person and those are hard to find in your life. When you do…. Hold tight.”

And the rest is music video history. Check out the full video and all of Eastwood’s handsomeness below: