Sarah Terry
March 20, 2017 2:12 pm
Taylor Hill / Getty

We can’t even explain how badly we’ve been hoping for new Robyn music, and now our dream has come true. Lena Dunham’s final season of Girls quietly debuted a new Robyn song, “Honey,” during the latest episode, and we were totally jamming along. In classic Robyn fashion, the song features a great synth beat that makes us want to dance.

Robyn hasn’t released an official album since 2010, but this new music is getting us so excited. Because both Robyn and Lena have confirmed that “Honey” will be a part of her next album. And we hope it comes out soon.

You can hear the song that played during the Girls episode here:

Girls spoilers ahead!

The song appears in the episode “Full Disclosure,” which featured some pretty big moments for Lena’s character Hannah. As Hannah watches a film made by Adam Driver’s character about their relationship, Robyn’s song starts playing. And the mood feels perfect for the emotional scene.

After blowing our minds by dropping this amazing new song, Lena Dunham posted the story of how “Honey” found its way onto Girls.

Lena wrote, “I’m just as obsessed with the music on Girls as anyone (wrong that I listen to our soundtrack most days in the shower?) and it was the biggest honor to have @robynkonichiwa create a version of a track from her upcoming album just for the show. We knew the last season needed some Robyn. After all, Hannah would not be Hannah without a lot of dancing on her own ❤️ Thank you Robyn, queen of space and sound! Come get your Honey baby 👶” 

YAS! We love hearing that “Honey” is proof of more music to come. And we were doubly excited when Robyn herself confirmed that this song will be on a new album.

This song was awesome, and we can’t wait for the full version. Give us that honey, baby!