Jen Juneau
February 23, 2017 1:38 pm

In a turn that made all Indio, California-bound Beyhive members drop their flower crowns in earth-shattering unison, it was reported today that mom-to-be Beyoncé would not be performing at Coachella this April.

But there is good news, Queen Bey fans: Although she will not be performing at Coachella this year, she WILL be there in 2018.

While we’re happy for Bey, hubby Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy — and obviously, making sure she delivers happy and healthy twins is the most important thing here — we can’t help but feel a little bummed for all our friends who bought tickets to see her at the fest.

And it seems like we’re not the only ones. Twitter is abuzz with crushed hopes and dreams.

Others are just happy Bey is doing the best thing for her and defending the singer for making a responsible decision.

And of course, there are countless suggestions on who could take her place.

And some who are seeing the humor in the situation.

Whoever ends up subbing in for Beyoncé, we know the “Formation” singer will put on one hell of a show when she does return to the stage — we mean, did you SEE that Grammys performance?

But until then, we’re sending all our wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy of the two newest Carters!