Can we take a moment to bask in Prince’s legacy? The performer, artist, and all-around revolutionary blessed the planet with his unapologetic style, sound, and voice. He also happened to make purple the color. From his costumes to “Purple Rain,” the color of royalty just felt so right on the icon.

Although he passed away last year, we still think about Prince’s legacy often, especially when wearing our favorite violet shades. So of course we didn’t expect to find out that purple wasn’t actually Prince’s favorite color. This news comes straight from the star’s sister, so you know it’s probably true.

Credit: Dave Benett/ Getty

In an interview with The Evening Standard about the newest exhibition on the singer, called “My Name Is Prince,” Tyka Nelson shared that her favorite artifact featured in the exhibit is the her brother’s orange guitar. She says,

This may come as a shock for those of us who just assumed purple was Prince’s favorite color, but looking back we, kind of get it.

While it totally makes sense that the star adopted the color of royalty as his own, it makes just as much sense that orange was actually his favorite. Metaphysically, purple is associated with the third eye chakra; the energy center of all knowing, intuition, and seeing the unseen. Prince just knew things — you can’t deny it! It makes sense that he’d embrace violet as his hue.

Credit: Evan Agostini/ Getty

But it also makes sense that he loved orange.

Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, located at the pelvis. This chakra is associated with passion, sexuality, and creativity.

Prince was driven by his sexual fire and sensuality; it permeated everything from his music to his costumes. It’s kind of a no-brainer that this energetic, vibrant, and bright color was the beloved musician’s favorite.

Credit: Jeff Kravitz/ Getty

Prince is always alive in our memory, and now we can honor his spirit in a new way by wearing orange. But of course, we’ll always think of him when we wear purple, too. There’s no such thing as thinking about Prince too much, after all.