Ashley Rey
Updated October 22, 2017
Pentatonix / YouTube

Halloween is roughly a week and a half away, but Pentatonix’s newest Christmas video will totally put you in the Christmas spirit. The a cappella group has the whole “tugging at your heart strings” thing down to a science. And their rendition of “Away In A Manger” is no different.

Set in front of a stunning forest backdrop, the group belts out the holiday track with the force and conviction of 12 Santa’s elves working overtime. Powerful, thrilling and just outright sublime, this Pentatonix performance is bound to be a season favorite for years to come. But seriously… Who would expect anything less than perfect from them?

Just one listen to the Pentatonix’s “Away In A Manger,” and you’ll be dying to get those Christmas sweater’s out of the attic.

Is it acceptable to put up the Christmas tree before Halloween even gets here? Because we’re having a hard time holding back after watching this.

You can always count on Pentatonix to deliver hotness.

And with over 13 million YouTube subscribers, the a cappella group is certainly doing something right. The innovative act goes above and beyond to bring their fans the coolest musical moments, and just thinking about what the a cappella group will produce next fills us with so much joy.

Maybe another classic performance like their viral “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover? Or even another mashup of movie tracks like their cover of songs from La La Land? The possibilities are endless.

Just know that whatever the group comes up with it, it’ll be an absolute sensation.