Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Jul 09, 2016 @ 11:08 am
Picture of Patrick Stewart's Cowboy Classics
Credit: Youtube

Sir Patrick Stewart can do no wrong. On top of being British royalty and a master of the stage, he’s also…a country singer? Yes, you read that correctly: Sir Patrick Stewart has put out a country album.

“Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics” even has its own glorious 90s-style infomercial (and website). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

On the album, Stewart sings classic songs like “Rawhide,” “Buttons and Bows,” and “Don’t Fence Me In.” The infomercial hilariously places him in a variety of country-themed places like a saloon and amidst a pack of longhorns. Even the holodeck couldn’t do better (okay, yes, it could, but it couldn’t be funnier.)

By now you might be thinking, Seriously, what? Don’t worry, the actor hasn’t turned his back on the stage. The country album is all a bit to raise money for the Internal Rescue Committee. His album is sold out but you can still buy his CD sampler, which features a selection of five hits. All of the proceeds go to the IRC! Bravo, P-Stew, for doing something so silly for a great cause.