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Party up, Purple fam! Prince’s dream of turning his home and musical sanctuary, Paisley Park, into a museum is officially official! On Monday, the Chanhassen City Council voted unanimously to rezone Paisley Park for exhibition. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Obviously, it’s been a hard year for Prince’s loved ones and fans so the news could not come at a better time. October 21st marked six months since the legend’s passing, and many around the world are still mourning. The icon’s impact and loss will be felt for many years to come — as would be expected of a man who gave us 40 years of nothing but love, funk, and soul. Having the opportunity to visit his home and bask in all the history and magic that occurred there is a tiny but important refuge for his fans.

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Paisley Park Estate was set to open on Oct. 6, but mere days before fans from all over the world would arrive to honor their hero in the small town of Chanhassen, Minnesota, the City Council tabled the zoning request that would reclassify Paisley Park as a museum. Coooool. Probably should have decided that a little bit sooner, guys?

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Obviously, no one was happy about it, and justifiably so. To make up for the insane last-minute change, the City Council granted a “temporary permit for certain days” for the tours. Not ideal of course, but it was something. But now, Prince fans can rest easy. Tickets are on sale for tours through December and 2017 tickets will be released mid-November.

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