OMG Beyoncé interviewed Solange for "Interview Magazine," and we need to know everything

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TBH, nothing warms our hearts quite like women doing well for themselves and accomplishing their goals, so you can probably guess that we’re absolutely *obsessed* with Beyoncé and Solange. If you love them as much as we do (aka A LOT) get ready to freak the heck out, because, apparently, Beyoncé interviewed Solange for Interview Magazine, and we’re pretty sure our hearts are going to explode.

We dig this so much because it’s proof that, no, we don’t have to compare Beyoncé and Solange. They’re each talented in their own right, and they’re much more interested in supporting each other than tearing each other down. Awww.

Ever since we learned that Beyoncé interviewed Solange, we’ve been in a frenzy. We’re absolutely dying to know every single detail.

Is this going to be the best interview of our time? Yes, yes it will be. The last few years have been absolutely huge for these incredibly talented sisters, with both Solange’s new album, “A Seat At The Table,” and Beyoncé’s killer “Lemonade” album being completely revolutionary.

Luckily, we found more details on Solange’s Facebook page.

“After interviewing my mother and father for A Seat At The Table, it feels like full circle to have chosen my sister to interview me for @InterviewMagazine. Spoke about womanism, growing up in a hair salon, and choosing between “I could fall in love” and “No Me Queda Mas”. It is one of my favorites to date.”


And the full interview — which you can read here — is just as amazing as we’d expect.

Our world doesn’t deserve them, and we’re nothing but grateful that they continue to bless us with their magic.

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