Kenya Foy
January 07, 2017 10:21 am
Vincent Sandoval/WireImage; Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Given the recent turn of events surrounding Fifth Harmony’s diminished lineup, most of their fans have been understandably focused on how the group will function as a foursome. We hope the ladies will be just fine moving forward, but in the meantime, Normani Kordei covered two songs from Solange’s critically acclaimed and all-around amazing A Seat at the Table album that will put everyone’s attention back where it belongs — off the drama and back on 5H’s undeniable creativity and vocal talent.

Kordei’s put her spin on Solo’s “Don’t Touch My Hair” and the Grammy-nominated single “Cranes in the Sky,” which has already received the remix treatment by everyone from Common to Rick Ross. While we’re obsessed with the originals and the remixes, we are catching some major ~vibes~ from Kordei’s smooth-sounding mashup of Solange’s super laid-back jams.

So did she kill it or nah? Well, we (and the rest of the people) have spoken and the consensus is yes, Kordei absolutely slayed this remix.

People are shook…

…and bowing at Kordei’s feet:

Meanwhile, some fans are recuperating from the slayage:

But honestly, Solange liking Kordei’s cover on Twitter is really the only co-sign that matters:

Harmonizers may not feel worthy of this music but they are as appreciative of these wonderful covers as Kordei is of Solange’s Seat. The 20-year-old singer told USA Today,

We couldn’t agree more, Normani, and we cannot wait to hear more of your creative covers!