Jill Layton
September 05, 2016 5:03 am
Noam Galai/Getty Images

Well, we definitely didn’t see this coming, but we’re stoked it happened! Nicki Minaj just surprised the world with the release of a brand new song titled “The Pinkprint Freestyle” on SoundCloud on Sunday.

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But not before she teased the song and built anticipation with her Twitter followers:

The song makes it very clear that Minaj is still the queen of rap. Forever and always.

Also, she literally tells us she is (and we totally agree).

The six-minute track is built on the beat from Young M.A’s recent hit “OOOUUU,” and she raps a few lines from chorus of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”.

And it’s FIIIIIRE.

“Young M.A, it’s the female Jay,” she raps. “I’m a brand, according to what retail say / Yeah, my tour she selling out on pre-sale day / Plus I got the Tidal queen stream, press replay.”

Minaj gives shoutouts to some of the greats, including Lil Wayne, Foxy Brown and her boyfriend Meek Mill. She also gives a shout out to someone a little more surprising — Harambe the gorilla.

Have a listen:

Not surprisingly, Twitter has been freaking the freak out over the new song. And rightfully so. false

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Thank you for this wonderful surprise, our forever Rap Queen. We are very grateful.