It must be strange to have a child while still being in the spotlight — but for one Backstreet Boy, he’d welcome it if his son wanted to create similar pop hits. Nick Carter expects that his son might pursue music, and that’s pretty big, being that his son is currently just 14 months old.

We can definitely see it happening, especially since the young boy, named Odin, is currently handling his Dad’s Las Vegas schedule.

The Backstreet Boys currently have a residency at The Axis in Planet Hollywood, and it’s been such a success that it’s been extended into next year.

Carter noted that he’s already preparing for the conversation he’ll have with Odin when he gets a little older.

Since Carter himself had a lot of highs and lows while in the industry, this statement is even more powerful. But while considering what we know about how stardom has affected his life, it seems like he really has a good head on his shoulders in discussing his little boy’s future.

Odin celebrated his first birthday this past April, and in a photo shared by Carter on Instagram, it’s obvious that these two could already pass as twins.

Regardless of whether or not Odin wants to be “larger than life,” we know he has a successful future ahead of him.