Rachel Paige
March 12, 2015 5:30 am

Do you guys suddenly have the urge to go out and buy red cowboy boots? If you don’t right now, you will want to after you watch Miranda Lambert’s brand new video for “Little Red Wagon.” In it, she wears an assortment of red themed attire — including those red Tony Lamas boots, which were clearly made for walking — and basically charms everyone she meets with a her smile.

The song comes off of her latest album, Platinum — which you’ll also notice is her Airstream license plate. While Miranda is known for writing many of her own songs, “Little Red Wagon” is part of the small group of songs she hasn’t penned herself. It was actually written by a singer named Audra Mae, who happens to be the great-great niece of Judy Garland, because we are living in such a small world. According to Rolling Stone, Miranda tracked Audra down in a “stalker way” because she loved the song so much and wanted to record it herself.

And, we’re so glad that she did. She brings just the right about of sass to the video that it’s hard not to start dancing along yourself. She also finds time to lounge by the pool in a killer red bathing suit, and has a rhinestone belt that reads MRS. SHELTON — like we could ever forgot her and Blake are country music royalty.

There’s also a scene-stealing tiny little pooch who wears red heart sunglasses. If only we could be that cool, too.

You’ve got to check out the whole video for “Little Red Wagon,” and then we’ve got to find ourselves some big red sunglasses.

Image via here.