While we love “Party in the USA” and the newer “Malibu” we will always have a special place in our hearts for Miley Cyrus’s bombastic pop anthem “Wrecking Ball.” During the era when Cyrus was all about twerking and wagging her tongue, she served up an angsty heartbreak song while riding on the back of an actual wrecking ball. Besides the wrecking ball, one of the more memorable moments was that single tear at the end of the video. While the song has long been rumored to be about Cyrus’s first breakup with Liam Hemsworth, apparently that split wasn’t enough to get the star to cry on command, she had to think of something else.

In order to conjure up the emotion to cry, Cyrus thought of her puppy who passed away and that was enough to cue the waterworks. 😔

Cyrus has sadly lost two pups over the years. In 2014 her dog Floyd passed away, but based on when Cyrus filmed this video, we think she was referring to her dog Lila. In a terribly unfortunate series of events, Lila was attacked by Cyrus’s other dog Ziggy and passed away in December 2012.

On the bright side, when Corden jokingly asked if Cyrus could cry on command right there in the car, Cyrus said she couldn’t because she’s just too happy now.

Watch her whole Carpool Karaoke above.