As if we didn’t already know that insane musical talent ran in the Cyrus family, Noah Cyrus is about to take over! We just heard that Miley supported her sis in a NC-17 shirt at the BLI Summer Jam in New York, and this sisterly love is so incredibly sweet.

NC-17 is the name of Noah’s upcoming debut album (and yup, Noah is seventeen years old). And even though she’s kinda just starting out, Noah already has 3.2 million followers on Instagram…no biggie! She’s just killing it.

Here’s Miley performing in Noah’s official merchandise.

We love the simple promotion that Miley is doing for her sister’s album, and lo and behold, she posted another Insta snap that admitted she’s Noah’s #1 fan. Awwww.

And as Noah’s #1 fan, Miley gives Noah plenty of advice from having ‘been there and done that.’

More evidence of that sister bond? You betcha.

They’re so lucky to have each other to lean on, because the music industry can be chaotic at times and everyone needs a solid support system.

Aaaaand maybe they should record a duet together?! Just saying.