All-dude bands from the ’90s are never going out of style, and neither will their epic fashions. If you lived through the final decade of the century, you know the clothing back then was in a completely different league than it is today — pants were overalls, backwards hats were a thing, shirts were sometimes non-existent, and yet men wearing wool turtlenecks in a music video was a completely acceptable practice. You know what? Men’s ’90s music video fashion was on point.

Even though many of these groups have broken up (or broken up, only to get back together years later and NOT wear the same awesome clothing) their style from once upon a time will always live on in the music videos they left behind.

Color Me Badd,I Adore Mi Amor

There are so many important things going on in Color Me Badd’s video for “I Adore Mi Amor” there’s no real right place to begin. The guys are on a beach, and have clearly brought along extra sweatshirts in case they get cold later on in the day. Tying an extra jacket around your waist used to be the most IN thing to do, remember? Also, overalls, paired with a denim shirt with a big colorful LOVE across the front. It’s true, we kind of love this look.

Backstreet Boys,I Want It That Way

All-white outfits were a huge thing back in the ’90s. Everyone was wearing all-white to sing and dance around. But this only raises the question, what happens if you sit in something? Regardless, BSB totally rocked it. They all had varying all-white ensembles and what appears to be very comfy all-white pants and white snakers with a black stripe on the bottom. Well done, BSB.

98 Degrees,Because of You

98 Degrees made sweatpants and wool v-neck sweaters a THING for their music video. Do you realize how comfortable these guys probably were, considering it looks like they’re dressed for a night in, ordering pizza and watching movies on the couch? So comfortable.

‘NSYNC,I Want You Back

Tight 3/4 zipper spandex shirts? CHECK. ‘NSYNC knew what was up in 1997. They also knew that the best costume change from those tight 2/4 zipper spandex shirts was to throw on a too-big overcoat. Bonus points for Joey, who threw on a gold metallic overcoat, so he’ll never get lost in a crowd.

Take That,Back For Good

The backdrop for Take That’s “Back For Good” is that it’s raining. While a fur coat seems like a pretty unconventional choice for a rainy day, it works. So does that fur snow hat. Not really practical for the rain, let alone a love ballad in the rain, but hey, they were YOLO-ing back in the ’90s, too.

New Kids On the Block,Call It What You Want

“Call It What You Want” might be the greatest ode to ’90s fashion, because it’s a huge compilation of different NKOTB concerts and behind-the-scenes footage which is GREAT. It also meant a lot of fashion statements. Also, lots of moments where either Donnie was wearing a tank-top, or had completely unbuttoned his shirt, because that’s fashion, too.

Boyz II Men,Motownphilly

Dare I say that Boyz II Men’s “Motownphilly” is the most important display of classic ’90s fashion? “Mowtownphilly” is the most important display of classic ’90s fashion. There, I said it anyway. But seriously, guys, it was GREAT. I love those orange sports jackets so much. If we can only bring one thing back from the ’90s, please let it be the jeans, orange jacket, and tie ensemble.

Duran Duran — Come Undone

For this video, the whole gang had to dress up in velvet Shakespearean outfits while they sang in front of an aquarium. Why? Who cares. It was good.

Beastie Boys— Sure Shot

There have been so many killer outfits in the Beastie Boys oeuvre, but we have to hand it to Ad Rock for these googley-eyed glasses.

Right Said Friend—I’m Too Sexy

These three guys are literally too sexy to button up their shirts. And that’s cool.

Live — I Alone

Great song. Great man-braid.

Another Bad Creation—Iesha

These little dudes weren’t just child prodigies, they were fashion risk-takers wearing matching rainbow overalls like freaking champs.


This band was toying with gender non-conformity in the ’90s, pairing a sheer baby-doll mesh dress with earrings. . .

. . . And some rad masks and robes. Seriously ahead of their time.

Faith No More—Epic

Please respect the multi-colored madness of Faith No More’s lead singer. And high-tops? Yes, please.

Not to be outdone by the piano soloist who finishes out the song in a star-spangled button-down shirt. Awesome.

Bell Biv Devoe—Poison

Easily one of the very best songs of the ’90s, BBD’s “Poision” is epic and we need more of their genius on the regular. Fashion-wise we have to give props to Mr. Man over there rocking the early ’90s Walkman headphones like it’s no big thing.

Red Hot Chili Peppers—Under the Bridge

Just a semi-naked Anthony Kiedis wearing Los Angeles. as a tube top. Amazing.

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