Trilby Beresford
January 16, 2017 8:42 am

While there were many great things about 2016, there were also many celebrity deaths that left a gaping hole in our hearts. We still haven’t gotten over the passing of Prince, and it’s quite possible that there may never be a performer so progressive, with such an electric presence, who inspired so many artists.

The most recent episode of Mariah’s World aired Mariah Carey’s tribute to Prince on stage in Paris.

Carey had found out about Prince’s death a mere few hours before she was set to perform. Prince was not only a huge inspiration to the singer, but also a personal friend, so Carey initially was unsure if she’d be able to muster the strength to put on a show that night. However, she did end up performing, and her words about her friend were truly beautiful.

via giphyShe was clearly shocked by the news, but she talked it through with the audience and decided to make “a moment” of this; ultimately, to perform on stage in Paris as Prince would have wanted her to. The show must go on.

via giphy

Time to bust out some Prince records and have a mini (or a mega) dance party? We think absolutely YES!

Because even though he’s gone, the music will always be there. And it’s pretty special stuff.

H/T: Vulture