Kenya Foy
April 11, 2017 3:21 pm

Not that we’re vying for a spot on the pop music charts, but Mariah Carey launched her own record label, and the name alone is enough to make us want to sign with her. According to Idolator, Butterfly MC Records represents the next major step in Mimi’s music career. But that’s not even the best part: Carey is slated to bless all of her lovely Lambs with a new album later this year. Naturally, the “I Don’t” singer‘s 15th album will be her new label’s first release.

We can’t help but imagine Carey teetering around her glitter-filled Butterfly MC Records office in super high heels and fishnets, casually dismissing subpar acts with a flick of the wrist, and a shady “I don’t know her.” Kind of like the Miranda Priestly of record execs.

Of her upcoming music venture, Carey said in a statement:

Yes, Mariah! We’re sure there are plenty of artists clamoring to land a record deal backed by one of the industry’s most accomplished divas. If you’ll recall, Butterfly MC isn’t Carey’s first record label. The 47-year-old songstress launched Crave Records in 1997 under Sony, which featured the R&B acts Allure and 7 Mile, but Carey decided to close it down a year later after reportedly telling her advisers she no longer wanted to be in charge of a label.

Here’s to hoping Butterfly MC Records stays around for years to come. We’re wishing Carey all the success and can’t wait to hear her new music!