Mariah “Christmas Kween” Carey was set to embark on an international “All I Want for Christmas Tour” starting tomorrow, but unfortunately, she’s had some complications after a recent bout with the flu and has had to cancel several of the show’s first stops. She announced the sad news via a notes app screen grab that she posted to social media.

“Lambs! Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, it seems I’ve received a present of my own; a lovely upper respiratory infection after last week’s flu,” she said. “Bleak! You know there is nothing I love more than celebrating the holidays with my festive Christmas show, but I have to take my doctor’s orders and rest until he says I can sing on stage.”

“Until then, unfortunately, I have to cancel the first several shows of my upcoming Christmas tour. I’m going to do all that I can so that I can see you soon,” she continued.

Can we just say that we love the commitment to metaphor in this announcement, likening an upper respiratory infection to a “present” during this “holiday gift-giving season.”

The concert was set to kick off tomorrow, but now it will begin after Thanksgiving on November 27 at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

No additional dates for the canceled locations have been announced as of yet.

The show itself will likely be a beautiful holiday extravaganza, seeing as Carey is basically the patron saint of Christmas. She recently told HelloGiggles how much she loves this season:

Tickets are still available for the remaining dates of Carey’s tour, which can be found here.