Kenya Foy
February 02, 2017 8:57 am
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

When we first heard that Mariah Carey would be releasing a break-up song, we immediately began to speculate on precisely what type of jam this would be. Sappy or contemplative? Sassy or apologetic? Well, according to the cover art for Carey’s forthcoming single “I Don’t,” we totally expect Mimi’s upcoming YG-assisted jam to be fabulously shady.

Some have assumed that Carey’s new break-up song is about her former fiancé James Packer, but since Mimi previously kept it cute when speaking about her split on Ellen, we felt confident that she would continue to take the high road, even while we secretly wished for ALL of the post-split pettiness.

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Well, we can faithfully guarantee you that there is indeed, much petty to be had.

On the cover, there’s an obvious runaway bride theme going. Carey wears a lacy white ensemble, fishnet stockings and a garter while sensually reclining in the back seat of a convertible as a tuxedo-clad YG rides shotgun. We have no idea who’s driving this car, and TBQH, we kind of don’t care at the moment because this artwork is an obvious reference to her cancelled engagement, and the shade is just TOO thick to ignore.

“Said you would always be mine/ Feeding me nothing but lines/ I was so gone, I admit it/ Happy messed up for a minute,” Carey sings on the track. We suppose these are just a few issues that changed Mimi’s “I do” into a melodic “I don’t.”

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OK, so we kid, we kid. Because of both Carey and Packer’s discretion about their former romance, we actually have no idea if this song is based on reality or if Mimi just wants us to think it is.

Either way, we’re along for the ride and can’t wait to hear the juicy track in its entirety when it drops on Friday, February 3rd.