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Baby, youuuu don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight. No, for real: All you need is a blonde wig, a leotard and your closest horse bestie to live it all the way up, kinda like this guy who danced to Sia with his pony. Thanks to this literal life-giving video we spotted at Buzzfeed, we’re beginning to remember what joy feels like.

But seriously though: Where the hell were we when this brilliant happiness hack hit Instagram two weeks ago? Somehow, Naked and Afraid XL star Jake Nodar and his miniature pony Tyrion’s Halloween-inspired, epic social media performance slipped beneath our radar, but we don’t give a hell ’cause we’re about to make up for lost time by watching it OVER and OVER again.


Whew, and obviously we can’t forget about Tyrion teetering on two hooves to the beat. WE WANT A DANCING PET HORSE NOW, PLEASE AND THANKS.

Oh, Nodar’s horsing around doesn’t stop there. Here he is posing with another horse and a French bulldog while giving high fashion magazine covers a run for their money:

But clearly, Tyrion is the apple of his eye:

Alright, so there you have it: the literal most perfect thing you’ve ever seen. With that, we’re off to find a four-legged creature who’s obsessed with Sia and willing to join us on the dance floor.