Kit Steinkellner
March 11, 2017 9:36 am
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Everybody has their pump-up playlist. Or a break-up playlist. And, of course, a “This music is so awesome you HAVE to get your butt out of bed and exercise” playlist.

It’s not news that music can make a bad mood better.

What IS news is that now scientists have developed a machine that can change your mood with customized tunes. And the machine works by using your freaking BRAIN WAVES. Move aside, iTunes, there’s a new Musical Sheriff in town.

As Science Daily reports, an international research team led by Osaka University along with some awesome collaborators bring us a device that pinpoints the listener’s current mood, and produces new songs to change that mood right around.

Here’s how it works: Users listen to tunes wearing wireless headphones made with built-in brain wave sensors. These sensors zero in on your noggin’s electrical activity, and use your brain waves to make new songs.

BRAIN WAVE SONGS! The future is now and we are so excited about it.

The research discovered that listeners engaged with their brain wave songs more than the plain, old regular songs.

And that makes sense. It’s about as customized as a musical experience can be. Maybe even more so than your ex serenading you with acoustic guitar tunes about you back in the day. Because it’s your flipping BRAIN serenading you.

We’d love to get our hands on a machine that composed songs that cheered us up (or got us to regularly exercise). The device was on display at the 3rd Wearable Expo in Tokyo in January 2016. Fingers crossed it hits a RadioShack in the near future!