Angelica Florio
July 22, 2017 12:27 pm
Brian Rasic / Getty

Get the tissues ready. Louis Tomlinson (understandably) hasn’t been very vocal about his mom, Johannah Deakin’s, tragic passing last December. But he recently revealed her dying wish for him — and it has us sobbing over here.

Before she died, Deakin urged Tomlinson to contact Zayn Malik, his former One Direction bandmate. Talk about a heart-wrenching message!

In June, the “Just Hold On” singer did a candid interview with The Guardian in which he expressed his negative feelings about the One Direction hiatus. “It wasn’t necessarily a nice conversation. I could see where it was going,” Tomlinson said of the break.

Seeing as Zayn Malik was the first to quit One Direction (for, erm, questionable extraterrestrial reasons), it’s understandable that Tomlinson had some pent-up frustration with him. Tomlinson hadn’t wanted the band to split up.

That’s why Deakin’s insightful words about not holding grudges hit so close to home.

According to ET, before Deakin died from leukemia at age 43, she gave her son blunt advice about re-connecting with his former bandmate. “You’ve got to get back in contact with Zayn,” she said. “Life’s too f**king short.”

It’s so true, and so tear-inducing to think that Tomlinson’s mom made sure to tell him that important message before it was too late.

In the same interview, Tomlinson also spoke about his mom’s inherent understanding of what he needed.

Though Tomlinson and Malik didn’t keep in touch after the One Direction members went their separate ways, Malik wrote a nice message on Twitter following Deakin’s death.

Her passing clearly had an impact on both of the longtime friends, and it ended up bringing them together: Tomlinson and Malik met up as Deakin had suggested. Tomlinson continued, saying that he enjoyed the reunion.

Deakin would undoubtedly be proud of her sweet son for getting over any qualms he may have had with Malik and focusing on the most important thing: friendship.