Credit: Instagram/Lorde

It’s been a while since we heard new music from Lorde, but Entertainment Weekly let us know that she posted a beautiful note about her second album on Facebook — so we know it’s coming soon! We’ve been excited since we heard that she’s working on a new album, because this girl is mega talented to boot. Remember when you couldn’t stop listening to her new song with Disclosure? Well, prepare for things to get even better.

The FB message was titled, “A NOTE FROM THE DESK OF A NEWBORN ADULT,” because she wrote it last night, on the eve of her 20th birthday. As in today is her birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORDE!

And with her signature unapologetic style, everything she says speaks volumes about the transition she’s gone through in the music industry.

She goes on to hint that the new album will be influenced by how she’s changed as a person.

This is bittersweet and downright relatable AF.

We absolutely love how honest Lorde is, and can’t wait for her new music because we know it’s going to pack an emotional punch. You can read her whole FB post here:

Note how she signs off like a #boss.

Currently waiting patiently for Lorde to show us this “new world” of which she speaks!