Karen Belz
August 04, 2017 9:27 am

By now, you’ve probably played Lorde’s sophomore album Melodrama on repeat. Released this June, it’s just that good. But that doesn’t mean that surprises still aren’t still in store. Lorde announced that the “Perfect Places” video included secrets and references that fans could find on their own. Consider it to be like a musical treasure hunt.

Yesterday on Twitter, she chatted with fans who were set on finding all of them. She also gave a little bit of insight on the video, which — at the time of publication — is the #1 trending video on YouTube.

“Perfect Places” is the second song that Lorde released off the album, and a surefire hit.

Did you spot anything intriguing?

Fans decided to rewatch and pause the video a few times, and of course, a few hilarious responses followed.

Other fans figured she was referencing other lyrics through the video. For example, this lyric from her song “Sober II.”

And strangely enough, this comparison of Hayley Williams from Paramore came up quite a lot.

Lorde did, however, admit that this Paul Simon t-shirt was one of them.

As it turns out, the two worked together on the album, so obviously she’s a big fan.

She also confirmed that, yes — the orange device in her boat is indeed a hard drive.

Many fans believe that she’s got her third album on that hard drive, which is why it’s so important.

No matter what, we love the fact that Lorde continues to keep things so interesting for her fans. We’ll definitely be looking for more fun clues this weekend.