The recent and super exciting return of Lorde to the music scene revealed yet another incredibly relatable move, Lorde did what most of us wish we could do sometimes to just get stuff done: she rented a house on a remote island. After the hype and love for her first album, “Pure Heroine” which was literally everywhere for so long, along with praise of the young pop star, Lorde took a four-year hiatus to try and figure out her next move.

In addition to returning home to Auckland to hang out with friends who weren’t cowed by her fame, Lorde tells the NY Times that she rented a house on a remote island in New Zealand to write without distraction.

Sometimes it’s hard even for us mere mortals to get everything done with the constant distraction from the outside world — there are friends to see, family to call, coffee shops to people watch in, parties to go to…it’s easy to see how, especially at the height of popularity that Lorde had arrived at, it would be nearly impossible to buckle down and create.

On the island, called Waiheke, Lorde had exactly one visitor: a wild dog she found on her bed one day.

So, yeah. This basically sounds like the perfect island vacation. Solitude, focus, and a PUPPY. What more could you possibly want? Plus, the island is off of New Zealand, so obviously it’s crazy beautiful.

We’re thinking that what’s in Lorde’s budget is probably a little too steep for ours, but since we’re loving her new music so far, we’re definitely adding Waiheke to our list of ideal getaways.

Maybe if we go some of her genius will rub off on our next creative project.