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The two have worked together in the past, but it was still a big surprise when Lorde covered a Kanye West song at Coachella the other night. It wasn’t a full song, but Kanye fans definitely know it well. After all, it’s got some lyrics that — er — aren’t radio-appropriate.

The song was “Runaway,” which was featured on Kanye’s fifth studio album. He originally premiered it back during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, which aired when Lorde was only 13.

Of course, Lorde had fun with it. The pieces of the song that Lorde covered included a couple giggles from both her and the audience.


But no matter what, her voice carried the song beautifully. We’re kinda-sorta in love with the cover, and wish we had more!

It’s no surprise that Lorde and West are pretty big fans of each other. In fact, West reworked one of her songs — “Yellow Flicker Beat” — back in 2014. His version was known just as “Flicker.” Both version are fantastic.

During her Coachella performance, Lorde sang a bunch of other hits as well, including her hit “Liability.”

She also premiered “Homemade Dynamite,” which is set to appear on her upcoming new album Melodrama. Lorde has been slowly showcasing new material, so this is definitely a big deal.

Lorde wanted to make sure that “Homemade Dynamite” had an amazing birthday, which is why she chose Coachella to unveil the soon-to-be hit.

Based on what we can tell, Lorde put on a heck of a performance. We definitely wish we could have seen it live. But we’ll be here anticipating the release of Melodrama, which is set to come out on June 16th.