Ana Defillo
Updated September 09, 2016 6:21 am

Haters got you down? Don’t fret. Bomba Estéreo’s new video, “Soy Yo,” featuring the cutest girl to ever live will inspire you to tell them, BOY BYE.

The video was only released on Wednesday but naturally, we’ve watched it an embarrassing amount of times. We mean, look at those overalls, those braids, those GLASSES! (Not to mention the recorder!) The charming ’90s-inspired video follows Little Miss Badass through the streets of a Latinx neighborhood in Brooklyn fending off naysayers and showing off her b-ball skills. The catchy song is an anthem of self-love and just not giving AF. “Soy Yo” literally translates to “I’m me.” The video’s entire vibe is “I’m me, so deal with it.”

The band’s frontwoman Liliana Saumet told Remezcla, “Really, there is a lot of bullying and lots of discrimination — both racial and social — so the message was a good one: To encourage people to be who they are and to be happy with themselves without being exactly what society tells you to be.”

Thank you, Bomba Estéreo. What a perfect song to end the summer. And what a great celebration for little brown girls everywhere. We’re sure it will make a major impact.

Now excuse me while we watch this video at least 10 more times. Don’t judge. Soy Yo. 😉

“Soy Yo” is from Bomba Estéreo’s album Amanecer. Want to see them in action?You are in luck. The Colombian band kicks off their U.S. tour Sept 13th.