Credit: Jerod Harris/WireImage/Getty Images

The holidays have definitely come early, with the help of Lea Michele singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Seriously, prepare yourself for major chills when you listen to Michele’s angelic voice.

On Thursday, the Scream Queens actress showed us why she’s a Hollywood star with a taste of what got her into the industry — her voice.

Michele tweeted a sneak peek showing herself performing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in rehearsals. And we were instantly transported to The Wizard of Oz with the first note. Honestly, we always knew that the 30-year-old performer could sing, but this clip just proves that her voice is ah-mazing.

First of all, as you watch the video, you will get major Glee vibes. It feels like all of those moments when Rachel Berry was preparing for one of her many solos throughout the six seasons of the musical series. Furthermore, it makes us miss our Gleek family.

It’s just Michele, a piano, and an empty stage. And honestly, that’s what we prefer. This way, you can just focus on her powerful voice and live in the musical moment.

What performance was she preparing for, you might ask? Well, Michele will join Seth MacFarlane and Rachel Platten at the Grove in Los Angeles on Sunday (aka today) from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. to kick off the Grove’s Christmas celebration!

Michele will sing, and even Santa will be making an appearance. It’s pretty much exactly what we want to be doing on a Sunday evening to kick off the holiday season.

Furthermore, there will be fireworks, in case you needed another reason to join in on the fun. Additionally, the shopping center’s Christmas tree will be lit! What more could you want?