Karen Belz
Updated Mar 16, 2017 @ 5:44 pm

It turns out that Rachel Berry can sing pretty powerfully without the help of her high school glee club. Actress Lea Michele’s second studio album is about to come out, and she’s calling it Places.

Second, you may say? Indeed. Back in 2014, she released an album called Louder that focused a lot on dating and heartbreak. But this time around, Michele wanted to put together an album that celebrated her life journey.

And it’s definitely been a journey. While she’s currently residing in Los Angeles for the acting roles, New York will always have her heart. Especially Broadway.

Michele talked a little bit about the album with E! News, and revealed how she came to the name of Places. Since really, it could refer to a few things. You probably assume that it’s completely location-based, but technically, it isn’t.

In fact, the title comes from a famous line you might hear if you’re backstage at a Broadway play. Her friend (and co-star on Glee) Jonathan Groff is credited for helping her brainstorm a winner.

The word itself is pretty powerful for Michele, who has heard it for a large span of her life.

We definitely dig it. Since Michele has a stage background, it’s pretty perfect.

Just the other day, Lea Michele posted her album artwork on Instagram.

And just recently, she performed her first single off the album — “Love Is Alive” — on The Late Late Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6SpC39lsOk

We think the album has a ton of potential and a lot of heart. We look forward to hearing all of it when Places is released on April 28th!