FOX's "Glee" - Season Three
Credit: FOX via Getty Images

It’s been two years since Glee left our lives forever. But apparently, forever was actually just temporary, because Lea Michele and Darren Criss recreated their very first duet together, and we’re feeling the William McKinley High School nostalgics.

You probably remember that Michele and Criss played Rachel and Blaine on Glee. They obviously stayed super close, because they teamed up again to promote their new music in a series of videos. Specifically, the pair decided to take things way back to their first duet by singing “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League. Since the original duet took place in the “drunk episode,” as they called it, they decided to drink wine for the recreation.

And we’re totally on board with that.

In another video, Michele performed her new single “Getaway Car” from her upcoming second album, Places, which debuts on April 28th. Criss sang it with her, and it’s so, so beautiful.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she has previously explained that the song is a tribute to former cast-mate and boyfriend, Cory Monteith, who died back in 2013.

Criss and Michele then sang “Lost Boys Life” together, a song from Criss’ new album, which was released on March 8th with his band Computer Games.

Their duets are just as beautiful as ever, and we hope they keep ’em coming, because we’ll always be Gleeks.