The last time Cleveland went to the World Series, Hanson was involved, you guys

Whether or not you follow baseball and specifically the Cleveland Indians, they’re currently competing in the World Series — which is a big deal for sports fans. And last time this happened, one of our favorite ’90s boy bands was involved…Hanson!

Entertainment Weekly just reminded us that fresh-faced Hanson sang the national anthem at the game back in 1997, and our hearts just fluttered at the memory. Of course, the guys are still going strong. Remember when they played an acoustic version of “MMMbop” that made our ’90s heart ache and announced that they’re releasing a new Christmas album?

Okay, okay. We know you want to see them sing the National Anthem from yesteryear, so we’ll stop.

Could Zac, Taylor, and Isaac have been any freaking cuter?

Here’s what they look like (and sound like) now, still adorable… actually way more so. And we love that baby Zac still rocks his long hair.

It’s crazy to think that all three of the Hanson brothers are married now (to non-celebrities who they met at their own concerts, which makes us love them even more). Little Zac is 31 and has four children! Isaac has three kids, and Taylor has five. PHEW!

Now let’s get all nostalgic over the amazing-ness that is “MMMbop.”

Hanson always and forever! PS – Can they sing at the World Series again?!? That seems like the logical next step, right?!