Credit: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

It seems like Lady Gaga is definitely showcasing her creativity these days. She’s still a cast member in this season of American Horror Story, and she has a brand new album, called Joanne, coming out shortly. This afternoon, she dropped a new single from the album for those who decided to pre-order — it’s called A-YO, and it’s absolutely perfect.

The song is definitely influenced by both rock and funk. It had a few creative minds behind it — besides Gaga herself, A-YO was put together by Mark Ronson, Hillary Lindsey, and BloodPop. If you have yet to pre-order (and, come on now — you know the album will be phenomenal) here’s a live version of the song.

Ronson actually helped Gaga with the entire album, and seemed incredibly impressed with the collaboration.

Gaga also recently introduced the cover art for the new single. We have to say, it’s pretty stunning.

And, well… judging by the amount of listens that A-YO received, we have no problem assuming that Joanne is going to be charting high.

Joanne will be released on October 21st, and we can’t wait to hear every single song!