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While she’s always been completely awe-inspiring, Lady Gaga has been particularly impressive during her press tour for her latest album, “Joanne.” Between her surprise signings for fans to an absolutely epic “Carpool Karaoke” segment with James Corden, she continues to remind us why she’s such a global superstar.

And while we already knew that Gaga had some powerful vocal cords, hearing her sing Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” a cappella legitimately blew our minds.

When Lady Gaga stopped by The Howard Stern Show, Stern asked about her past as the lead in a Led Zeppelin cover band. So, she naturally began serenading him with a powerful melody from one of Zeppelin’s most famous songs.

Despite the fact that she hadn’t warmed up and was casually sitting down, she was able to belt out the music like nobody’s business. Stern starting singing along to the instrumental track after her first serenade, so Gaga playfully continued the song.

She sounded amazing.

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We love the original Led Zeppelin rendition, of course, but Lady Gaga just took this song to the next level. It makes us wish we had a time machine so we could travel back and see her in her cover band glory days and revel in her astounding voice as she sings the famous songs.

Because she sounded so incredible, Stern made a comment about how singing something like that could tear up your vocal cords.

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Then again, with all the incredible accomplishments in her career already, we’re not really surprised with any hidden talents Lady Gaga has anymore since we assume she can literally do anything.