Credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Need some tunes to get your Tuesday started? Well, it’s a good thing that Lady Gaga released a video for “The Cure,” otherwise known as the song she officially debuted at Coachella this year. As expected, it’s an incredible music video. But one warning — it might leave you a little dizzy.

The video incorporates the lyrics to the song, which is incredible if you’re looking to rock out to it during your next karaoke night. That is, if you can even focus on the words. Not only are they hard to see at times, but the image of Gaga right in the center is so beautiful and calming that it’s a (welcomed) challenge to even figure out where to actually look.

See what we mean? It’s a good video to watch if you’re looking to test your brain this morning.

Of course, video aside, the song is pretty powerful — as well as catchy.

Even if you had to look away, you have to admit that once again, Gaga created a piece of art like no other.

We’ve seen a ton of incredible music videos, but this lyric video is making waves for a reason — we’ve never seen anything like it before.

In case you missed the performance at Coachella, here it is — courtesy of a fan in the crowd. (We promise, this one is a little easier to focus on.)

After she initially performed it, people were already calling it the “song of the summer” — and while we’re still here enjoying spring, we can definitely see this coming true.