Lady Gaga
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

Earlier this month — about two weeks ago now — Lady Gaga kicked off her highly anticipated world tour. Named for her fifth studio album, the Joanne World Tour started on August 1st. And so far it’s been going great for Gaga. Except for one teeeeensy thing: Some of the dates are conflicting with her friends’ concerts!

Last night, Lady Gaga tweeted about her concert in Las Vegas.

She was singing at the T-Mobile Arena, but that meant she couldn’t see Cher and Britney Spears while she was in town — and she was seriously bummed.

With two of pop music’s greatest icons just a stone’s throw away, what self-respecting musician wouldn’t want to catch their amazing concerts while in town (à la Beyoncé and Blue Ivy at the Kendrick Lamar show)? Plus, she’d probably get some great inspiration for her current tour!

The only problem: Lady Gaga’s four-month long tour schedule is super demanding. On September 15, it heads to Brazil, and then Europe. And there are still a ton of stops before then! So sadly, Gaga’s going to have to wait to see the other powerful lady performers.

Obviously, Gaga’s little monsters loved the post. They responded in full force, repeating the words “legend supporting legends.” false

Others took up a rallying cry of “collab,” hoping that the musical sensations would team up for the ultimate pop performance. false false

While the mood in Las Vegas seems high, we can’t forget there was a more sobering occurance there lately. Just Wednesday night, Britney Spears and her fans were shaken when someone rushed the stage and his intentions were unclear. Security was unclear if he might be armed, and Britney Spears was escorted off stage while the man was detained. We’re so glad she–and everyone else—is OK!

Here’s hoping Lady Gaga gets back to Vegas soon! We hear Cher and Britney are both killing it!