Lady Gaga debuted a new single at Coachella that could be the song of the summer, and here’s how to listen

While we were bummed to hear that she was being replaced, those who bought tickets to see Beyoncé got to hear Lady Gaga at Coachella instead. While Gaga was an excellent substitute, she managed to make her performance even more news-worthy by debuting a brand new single.

During her performance, she sang a bunch of amazing hits from her most recent album, Joanne. Gaga reportedly hit the stage last night right before midnight, and wore a police hat and leather trench while opening with the song “Schiebe.

After about 45 minutes of being awesome, she dazzled the crowd with a brand new song — “The Cure.”

Soon after singing, she announced that it’d be released immediately.

So if you weren’t at Coachella, how can you listen?

Luckily, Gaga wasn’t kidding when she said it would be released “immediately.” It’s available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. You can also buy it on iTunes.

There’s also footage straight from Coachella, if you want to feel like you were right there alongside the crowd.

Fan are already quite taken with the single. Twitter was abuzz, with many people already calling it the hit of the summer. (And since it’s still spring, that’s a pretty high honor.) false

A review by Benjamin Lee from The Guardian gave Gaga’s overall Coachella performance a bunch of praise, saying that she really captivated the crowd.

"For an act brought in late as a replacement, she made it feel as if this was a stop on her tour, the care and detail difficult to fault," Lee said. "The set list had a slight feeling of 'one for them and one for me' as she alternated between hits and newer country-skewed tracks."

We’re not surprised that Gaga put on such a legendary performance. We’re just surprised that after all of these years of entertaining, she still finds new and fun ways to amaze her fans. No doubt about it, “The Cure” will be blasting from our iPhones for months.

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