Credit: Kylie Jenner/

Well now we’re confused. Rumors have been going around that Kylie Jenner is now the lead singer of the band Terror Jr, but apparently it’s completely not true. Jenner denies she’s the Terror Jr singer, even though her fans aren’t convinced.

Jenner used the band’s song “3 Strikes” as the soundtrack to her “Glosses” music video to promote her Lip Kit back in March.Jenner being the singer wasn’t even on anyone’s radar until a fan came across the rights to the song.

Included in the rights is Jenner’s name on Terror Jr’s American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) registration for “3 Strikes.”

She took to Snapchat to confirm that it’s definitely not her and suggested that the band is seeking attention.

Jenner added that she didn’t even know about rumor until her mom brought it up.

“My mom just asked me if I was a part of this Terror Jr band and I’m like, ‘Is this that serious?’”

Here’s the “Glosses” music video:

So there you have it. Jenner isn’t joining a band anytime soon — or at least not Terror Jr.