Emily Baines
January 14, 2017 11:01 am

When we first learned that The Killers had beef with Panda Express, we were confused. What kind of “problems” could a popular rock band have with a fast-food chain? One that would cause The Killers to demand “free food for life” from Panda Express? And yet, their concerns were valid enough. And their feud has ended in the sweetest way possible: donations to charity!

Here’s what went down between The Killers and Panda Express

The band noticed that a popular song title and lyric from their album Hot Fuss, “Smile Like You Mean It,” had suddenly become a cookie fortune.

Others argue that perhaps the phrase “Smile like you mean it” has been around forever, and perhaps not worthy of free food for life, much less a lawsuit. (Although we assume they were mostly kidding.)

Luckily, the potential problem was resolved peacefully. Panda Express offered:

To which the band replied:

And Panda Express agreed.

Look at that! A peaceful resolution. Everyone got some good PR, and some needy children got fed.

Now if only more companies would donate to charity without being called out for potential plagiarism. Still, we’re happy that The Killers and Panda Express saw a need and filled it!