Stephanie Hallett
July 27, 2017 12:56 pm

In a beautiful ode to her inner child and a more innocent time in her life, Kesha’s new single, “Learn to Let Go,” offers a chilling reminder of all the trauma she’s survived — and marks a confident move forward. The song, the third release off her forthcoming album, Rainbow, continues the themes of healing, growth, and badassery we saw on the previous two tracks, “Woman” and “Praying.”

The song is upbeat, but it also includes some revealing lyrics, such as, “Had a boogieman under my bed/Putting crazy thoughts inside my head/Always whispering, ‘It’s all your fault’/He was telling me ‘No, you’re not that strong.'”

Rainbow marks Kesha’s first album in more than four years, and though she’s strong and sassy in the video for “Learn to Let Go” (her dancing will put the biggest smile on your face!), there is still darkness lurking. Kesha is sill embroiled in a lawsuit with Dr. Luke, her former producer and head of the label that released her first two albums, Kemosabe Records, whom she claims “sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused” her for a decade.

Kesha has been trying to get out of her contracts with Dr. Luke and Sony, which is the parent company of Kemosabe Records, but has so far been unsuccessful. In fact, she had to get permission from Dr. Luke to release this new music.

But Kesha’s not taking this lying down.

Her new music is bolder and braver than ever, and as she said in an Instagram post announcing the release of “Learn to Let Go,”

Nobody has permission to haunt Kesha. Rainbow is out August 11th and we can’t. freaking. wait.