jessica tholmer
July 23, 2017 7:56 am
Monica Schipper / Getty

She is woman, hear her roar! Kesha is officially back, and she’s already making us cry. The strong and empowered singer recently performed her new single “Woman” live on stage in Iowa — but not before bursting into tears. And we get it.

Before she even announced what song she would sing, Kesha choked up as she thanked her fans.

After drying her tears, she rocked right into a powerful performance her new single “Woman.” In the clip, you can hear the audience singing along, something that is more powerful than we can express. It was a healing moment for both Kesha and the crowd.

Hearing a female empowerment song is always awesome, but coming from Kesha, it brings us even more emotion.

The powerhouse performer hadn’t released music in nearly four years because of her intense ongoing legal battles with her former record company. After filing for sexual harassment against Dr. Luke, her former producer, Kesha has been public about her struggle. The singer dropped the lawsuit last summer but has recently blessed us with new music.

Initially, Kesha built her brand around fun party music. Though she continues to give us music we can bop to, it is important to note that her experiences have shaped the songs she writes. “Woman” is an empowerment song, through and through. She gives herself props for writing her own music, making her own money, and most importantly, being a woman.

It is incredibly special to see Kesha performing live again. Her vulnerability and strength are inspirational. The fact that she is vocal about her experience and her gratitude is everything.

We are so proud of her!

Kesha’s album “Rainbow” comes out in August, and we are already stoked to hear the rest of what she has to offer.