Karen Belz
Updated Sep 13, 2017 @ 11:49 am

It’s amazing how powerful an inspirational woman can be. When they speak, we just get the feeling that things are going to be just okay. That’s why it’s pretty interesting to hear that Kelly Clarkson was inspired by Michelle Obama while writing her new music, specifically the song “Go High.”

Clarkson is known as being quite a fan of Obama already. Back in July of 2016, Clarkson tweeted that she got a chance to hear the former First Lady speak at the DNC, and mentioned how amazing the experience was. You might remember that that’s the event in which Obama gave one of the most incredible speeches we’ve heard yet.

In it, she mentioned how when “they go low, we go high.”

Clarkson couldn’t help but use the speech in the song, which will appear on her forthcoming album Meaning of Life.

Clarkson even mentioned how she used the message in her own life. As the stepmom to 16-year-old Savannah, she revealed that she talked to her about how to handle online bullying — an issue that many teens are facing today.

We love hearing Kelly Clarkson’s messages of positivity. Any chance she might be able to get Michelle Obama to duet with her on new music? Who knows — it sounds pretty unlikely, but they might just make the perfect pair.