Gabriela Herstik
Updated Feb 10, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

No stranger to the unusual, our favorite unicorn Queen Katy Perry’s latest music video features a hamster eating tiny food. And yes, it’s just as absurdly wonderful as it sounds. The video is shot karaoke style, with an animated hamster guiding you through when to sing what and it just gets weirder from there.

The video starts innocently enough with someones hands making some tiny food in a tiny kitchen. As Katy croons “Are we crazy? Living our lives through a lens/ Trapped in our white-picket fence/ Like ornaments/So comfortable, we live in a bubble” we see our mystery chef preparing a mini hamburger. And for the first chunk of the video that’s all you see. But every now and then we get to catch a glimpse of what we assume is the living room, where a hamster spins on his wheel on a television set. Who’s our chef cooking for? Is this a really deep metaphor for having everything handed to you, and how living in a bubble can leave you feeling numb?


With some old school miniature appliances and some very adept hands, this video is actually quite pleasing to watch. And as the video progresses and we move down the rabbit hole of “what the heck is going on,” we’re finally able to see the truth! This is a miniature meal…for a hamster! This spoiled little fella gets a three course meal of a hamburger, spaghetti and tacos! We never knew we could be jealous of a rodent, but this rodent also happens to star in a Katy Perry video.


We see the sweet hamster being fed his gourmet meal and the juxtaposition between the vaguely somber setting and Katy’s upbeat anthem is pretty strange. Is this hamster miserable because he has everything handed to him? Or is he actually happy about it? Or, is he just a hamster?! So many questions, so little time. We’re just excited that we have an excuse to jam to some Katy Perry and watch a cute little hamster eat.


If there’s one thing we can definitely get behind it’s turning this video up and playing it on repeat. Thanks Katy!

Watch it here!

Endless squeeeee!